What is this?

This blog is where I will post my thoughts and reflections on the question of Scottish independence. This is a political blog and everything I post here is written purely in a personal capacity. Nothing posted on this blog is to be taken as reflecting the views of anyone but myself. Neither my employers nor anybody I work for are represented here. Just me.

I am a Unionist. I am opposed to Scottish independence. I am British (not English; not Scottish) and I do not want my country broken up.

I am a law professor at the University of Glasgow. This is one of two blogs I run. The other is principally for law students who are using the textbook I write on British constitutional law. I post on it irregular updates on matters relevant to students of constitutional law.

This blog is for anyone interested in the question of Scotland’s constitutional future. You do not have to be a lawyer, or a law student, or Scottish to read this blog. It’s for everyone who wants informed analysis, from an avowedly Unionist perspective, on the question of independence.

On this blog I do not claim to be dispassionate. I care deeply about the question of independence and I have declared clearly which side of the argument I am on. When I cast my vote I shall vote NO to the question asked, but in my heart I will be voting YES. Yes to Britain. Yes to Scotland in Britain. Yes to Scotland. But NO to independence.

I won’t tell you anything else here about my politics. Some of you will think I’m a Tory. Some of you will think I’m a Labour voter. Others may even detect a flavour of Lib Dem federalism amid the Unionist colours flown here. That is all well and good. I won’t say which party I support, although others may speculate about it elsewhere. For the purposes of the independence argument, it does not matter. The referendum will rightly give us only two options: YES and NO. And here, you’ll find NO arguments. Right-wing NO arguments. Left-wing NO arguments. Wingless NO arguments. Positive NO arguments. Negative NO arguments.