RIP Lady Thatcher

From my Facebook page:

Momentous day. Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister from 1979-90, has died. I was 10 years old when she became PM, still the only woman ever to have done so. I grew up with her as our country’s leader. I disagreed with much of what she did but the truth is that very little of it has ever been or will ever be reversed. She shaped the Britain we live in, for good and for ill. She was the towering figure of British public life for more than twenty years. She was the most fearsome politician of her generation. She was more than a Prime Minister. She was a true leader. She made many of us who we are today, Left, Right, Neither or Both. May she rest in peace, and may those who are warped enough to want to rejoice in her passing be damned. Love her, loathe her, or both, she was a truly Great Briton.