Harry Street Lecture: New Union, New Constitution

I was honoured to deliver the 2015 Harry Street Lecture at the University of Manchester in April. I’m now making available the text of the lecture. Drawing on the work I undertook with colleagues at the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law, whose report on devolution and the future of the Union was published last week, the lecture:

  • explains a number of the differences between federalism and devolution;
  • argues that a number of principles of Union constitutionalism animate and underpin the UK’s constitution;
  • identifies what these are;
  • suggests that they should be brought together in a new Act of Union;
  • and examines the role, in particular, of England, in the UK’s territorial constitution, considering both “English votes for English laws” and City- and city-region devolution within England, with a focus, given where the lecture was delivered, on Manchester.

The lecture can be read here: HarryStreetLecture